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Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue. An exclusive live performance for Vevo.
You could spot it from the get-go. Listening to Ellie Goulding's 2010 debut 'Lights,' and watching her move through initial vids such as "Guns and Horses" and "Starry Eyed," it was obvious that the UK singer was going to connect deeply with fans around the world. The fact that 'Lights' clocked in at the top of the UK pop charts was proof that listeners found it irresistible. Ellie's success has unfolded wonderfully, of course, and after a decade of hits - including "Love Me Like You Do," "Anything Could Happen," "I Need Your Love" and more - she has just released the album she calls "closest to my heart." 'Brightest Blue' is divided into two sections, the title suite, which she says has "a sense of accepting fate, and therefore feeling better for it and not worrying about the future," and the EG.o section, which presents an "alter ego" who takes on the world and has "no fear whatsoever." Our Original Live Performances of the new songs are splendid looks into to Ellie's current world. "New Heights" and "Brightest Blue" were shot with the remarkable XR “mixed reality” technology, which seamlessly mixes actual camera footage with CGI content in real time. The visuals are remarkable. Check out her new record, share our performances and see where Ellie's at right now.
Taken from the album Brightest Blue. Out Now: elliegoulding.lnk.to/BrightestBlue

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Director: Giorgio Testi
Creative Director: Andrea Cuius
Vevo Executive Producer: Claudia de Wolff
Vevo Senior Producer: Nick Calafato
Producer: Isabel Davis
Line Producer: Amy Rattray
Production coordinator: Millie Rose Wells
Production: Nocte Studio, Pulse Films
Video & xR Content: Nocte Studio
3D/Notch Designers: Mike Wilson, Lewis Kyle White
Associate Designer: Irem Bugdayci
Vevo Talent Relations: Carl Young
Vevo Design: Charlee Twigg
Colourist: Paul Dimond at My Brother Bob
Assistant Editor: Ben Boullier
DOP: James Medcraft
1st AD: Paul McCann
1st AC: Alex Bender
2nd AC: Alex Collings
Gaffer: Dom Aronin
Grip: Charlie Wall, Simon Thorpe
Electrician: Bill Rae Smith
Electrician Trainee: Oliver Flanigan
Runner: Nana Quartey
Photography: Ryan Saradjola
2nd Camera Operator: Simone Pellegrini
DIT: Sohpie Baggaley
Desk Operator: Matt Owen
Playback Operator: Nick Forrester
Grip: Charlie Wall
Jib Op: Simon Thorpe
Musical Director: Matt Robertson
Mix Engineer: Nick Ingram
Monitor Engineer: Laurie Binns
Shot at: MARS Studios
Catering: Fayre Do's
Everything is heightened now
It’s looking so much brighter now
I was lost and now I’m found
Fell off the merry-go-round
I was in the politics
Obsessed with things I couldn’t fix
Kissing bigger with a fist
Addicted to the thrill of it
And with these colours fading
People changing feelings
Faking some kind of love
A different flavour, seek the danger
Feel new life rush into my blood
Illuminated never shaded
See the future when I look in the sky
When I look in the sky, you give me
You give me
The brightest blue, the brightest blue
Tonight give me the brightest blue
The brightest blue, so bright
There’s no blue in the odyssey
Even in the calmest seas
Now it’s all I wanna be
A semi-precious mystery
Yeah I love me more than you
Doesn’t mean I can’t be true
Slip into the blue lagoons
I could be your muse
Times are hard, people scarred
We don’t know if we’re gonna fight
Break a heart, play the card,
We just came along for the ride
But in the dark, you’re the spark
See the future when I look in your eyes
‘cos you’ve given me, you give me
You give me
The brightest blue, the brightest blue
Tonight give me the brightest blue
The brightest blue, so bright
Don’t you worry about the future,
‘cos this is the blue evolution
I don’t think this love’s an illusion
So let’s wake up
Don’t you worry about the future
‘cos this is the blue evolution
I finally see you’re my greatest
You’re my greatest revelation
The brightest blue, the brightest blue
Tonight give me the brightest blue
The brightest blue, so bright
#EllieGoulding #BrightestBlue
Music video by Ellie Goulding performing Brightest Blue (Live Session). © 2020 Polydor Limited


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    I am writing this not for myself but for the Praise and Glory to my Father in Heaven Jesus Christ who Is the Way the Truth and the Life, Jesus did the most beautiful thing ever for us, He died, was buried and Resurrected. He is Alive Forever, He became the Ultimate Sacrifice and died for Our sins, all we have to do is Accept him as our Lord and Savior, Believe with all our heart what he did at the Cross and confess with our mouths and we shall be Saved for Eternity. 1 Corn 15: 1-4 Romans 10: 9-10. I am writing this because I love you and I do Not want you to go through The Tribulation or Perish in Hell for Eternity, I feel Our time is growing very Short so I must warn as many as I can. If you don’t like what I am writing that is your choice and I respect that so I will not Argue, Debate, Respond back to hateful responses. I felt in My Spirit I needed to Do this whether I lose friends or not because I Stand with God and Not this World. God bless you and I pray with all My heart you make the right Choice

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    Love it when the artists let themselves go with emotion without caring about the gesture. That’s real artist not performer.

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    Shane Ellie doesn't see how I feel anyways ... New look and name of animal from the Muppets this Muppet is the reason why I play drums .. from being a tiny little toddler amazed at animals anticks

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