Ellie Goulding, blackbear - Worry About Me (Director's Cut)


Ellie Goulding & blackbear - Worry About Me (Director's Cut)
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You can worry about this, you can about that, you can worry about she
You can worry about this, you can about that, you can worry about she
Baby you aint gotta you ain’t gotta worry
Worry about me
Lately, I don’t think I don’t think about you
Feelin so free
Been jumpin through hoops to get under you
But now I’m cool
Baby, you aint gotta you ain’t gotta worry
Worry about me
Been having good times
Been having late nights
And then you call me
Ask if I’m alright - what the hell?
Sayin that you care about me
But you just wanna be in my head cause you’re lonely
I thought I needed you to feel safe but now that I’ve been through it
I’m stuck in a good place
Oooooh, why are you tryna put me in a different mood?
Just because I’m still not seeing someone new
Baby you aint gotta you ain’t gotta worry
Worry about me
Lately, I don’t think I don’t think about you
Feelin so free
Been jumpin through hoops to get under you
But now I’m cool
Baby, you aint gotta you ain’t gotta worry
Worry about me
You can worry about this you can about that you can worry about she
Don’t’ worry about me
You can worry about this you can about that you can worry about she
Don’t worry about me
She said why you gotta hit me on some I don’t know shit
I am not your property who led you to that notion?
Actions speakin louder than whatever you been smokin
You don’t gotta try to fix somebody that aint broken
(no no no no)
And you don’t gotta worry where I’m at or where I’m going
Somewhere by my lonesome, somewhere by the ocean
She can’t feel her nose, lips. Oh shit.
The way you kill my vibe is so atrocious, it’s bogus
I blocked you cause I don’t live in the past live in the moment
Last time that you hit me up I wrote this
Baby you aint gotta you ain’t gotta worry
Worry about me
Lately, I don’t think I don’t think about you
Feelin so free
Been jumpin through hoops to get under you
But now I’m cool
Baby, you aint gotta you ain’t gotta worry
Worry about me
#EllieGoulding #blackbear #BrightestBlue
Music video by Ellie Goulding, blackbear performing Worry About Me (Director's Cut). © 2020 Polydor Limited


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