Ellie Goulding - ASK:REPLY (Stoli Exclusive)


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Music video by Ellie Goulding performing ASK:REPLY (Stoli Exclusive). © 2013 VEVO


  • Nadim Kamal
    Nadim KamalRok temu


  • vividream.
    vividream.3 lat temu

    She looked so cute before her botched plastic surgery

  • Daniela Martins
    Daniela Martins4 lat temu

    Love you te amo

  • mai inti
    mai inti5 lat temu


  • mai inti
    mai inti5 lat temu

    My FAV song from u ellie was need your love it maked me shine like you😍😍😘

  • David Brown
    David Brown7 lat temu

    Make more like burn

  • Vignesh Panneer
    Vignesh Panneer7 lat temu

    im excited. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. dont think its funny, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy :) >>> bit.ly/14IKnTp?=roeqxf

  • Bruno Trindade
    Bruno Trindade7 lat temu

    óh quando tiver a chace ja sei como lhe agradar ^^ kkk

  • Erin Docherty
    Erin Docherty7 lat temu

    I honestly cant LOVE you more your my idol my inspiration and the the person i look up too ..... I cant wait to come down to Newcastle to see you , your like amazing and i will be queuing at the 02 (ABC) for hours on the 7th of october for your concert xxxx LOVE YOU SO MUCH :)

  • neo
    neo7 lat temu

    Ilysm ellie :-)

  • Julian Suarez
    Julian Suarez7 lat temu

    You're Beautiful

  • CJ Houston
    CJ Houston7 lat temu

    i cook Thai food :)

  • Edwin Alvarez
    Edwin Alvarez7 lat temu

    Who your boyfriend

  • Elisa Pizzano
    Elisa Pizzano7 lat temu

    TE AMO.

  • Julie Emery
    Julie Emery7 lat temu

    she is so cute!

  • Isaac 555
    Isaac 5557 lat temu

    I'm sure PLtoolss has a thing for making the views 301 as a lot of vids are coming up with 301 views yet maybe 1000's of likes

  • Jessica Lopez G.
    Jessica Lopez G.7 lat temu


  • KaleiKitesWrites
    KaleiKitesWrites7 lat temu


  • Angel Djay
    Angel Djay7 lat temu

    Its good enough for fans to get a reply,your a true star.

  • ICash1229
    ICash12297 lat temu

    Rapid fire questions.

  • Big Brain Energy
    Big Brain Energy7 lat temu


  • Ben Kirkbride
    Ben Kirkbride7 lat temu


  • Gameři Rar
    Gameři Rar7 lat temu

    Ellie.. i just want to tell you that I thanks you for that where i am right now. Your songs take me up of so many depression that you cant even imagine.. Everytime i hear your voice something inside of me start moving and its magical and medicines. Thanks you so much. Stay awesome :)

  • Lookatloujs
    Lookatloujs7 lat temu

    u r my love

  • Lookatloujs
    Lookatloujs7 lat temu

    amore mio.

  • Jeane Linda
    Jeane Linda7 lat temu

    17th view :))

  • Tima
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  • Joel Tink
    Joel Tink7 lat temu